What Is Affiliate Marketing? The Best Way To Earn Online

what is affiliate marketing

What is affiliate marketing? The best way to earn online

Earning money online is now easier than ever, you just need a website, internet, and affiliate links. Many bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers earn six or even seven-figure income from affiliate marketing.

Don’t get too excited because not everyone who is in affiliate business earns that much, especially newbies who just read 4 hours’ workweek or got inspired by any affiliate social media channels. In this topic, we will be going to see everything about affiliate marketing how it works, its benefits, its downsides, etc. So without wasting any time let’s jump to the main question.

How does affiliate marketing work?

 First, you have to find an affiliate program in which you are interested and read all the details of the program like their payment method, commission, products or services, etc. If you find the program and its products or services interesting then you just have to sign up and wait for the email of your acceptance.

After that, you can log in to their affiliate program and you can choose the product or services that you want to promote and after that, you can copy the link of that product and start creating content for that product or service.

When someone clicks on that link you will get to know as the link comes with cookies that track and if your audience buys you will get a commission from the company.

what is affiliate marketing

Source: All around digital

Three groups of affiliate marketing

The Seller or merchant

The seller is also known as the creator of the products, brand, or vendor. This party can be a huge company or a single person who sells online courses. This party can be anyone from a huge company, entrepreneur, or startup who is having products or services to sell.

The affiliate

The affiliate is also known as the publisher of the product or service. The affiliate can be an individual or group of individuals who promotes the product by attracting the customer with the help of engaging content and convincing their audience to buy the product or service.

If the affiliate’s audience buys the products or services of the merchant then the merchant is liable to give the commission on every successful purchase. Most affiliates have their specific niche and audience related to that niche and they choose the product or service according to their niche.

The consumer

The end party of the affiliate marketing, because of them the merchant creates products and services and affiliate promotes the products and services so that the consumer buys from the merchant and the merchant and affiliate both gets profit from their actions. Affiliates attract the consumer and convince them to buy from that promoted links

Things to consider

Most of the channels provide links with cookies that have a certain duration, usually, the cookies expiry duration is around 30 days but every channel has different rules. For example, Amazon provides a cookies life of only 24 hours so anyone who clicks on your links and buys any product within 24 hours will get the commission, yes any product.

If your audience buys the product after the link gets expired then you will not eligible for the commission. Also read all the terms and conditions of the program before signing up for the program so that you will not have to regret it later.

Why affiliate marketing

For sellers


Affiliate marketing is very cost-effective as compared to other marketing platforms. If you are planning to start a new company and have a low budget for marketing then you should consider affiliate marketing, as this is performance-based marketing you can save money without risk.


As affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing which means you have to pay commission on every successful sale. So you don’t have to invest tons of money on advertising without knowing how good it will be going to perform.

No marketing hassle

In affiliate marketing you don’t have to do anything for marketing because that work will be done by the affiliate, you just have to focus on making your products and services that can make your customer delightful.

For affiliates

Few or no starting cost

Unlike any business where you have to invest lots of money to start, affiliate program needs only links and the platforms on which you insert your link. If you know how to engage with people and have platforms like social media, blogs, or email subscribers then you can start earning easily without investing any money.

Good for passive income

If you are working a full-time job, then also you can start this business. Because affiliate marketing doesn’t need that much time as compared to other businesses where you have to invest lots of money and time before your start earning.

I am not saying that it doesn’t require any time, you have to give some time to it especially when you are new in this business. But when you find everything that works for you then it can help you to earn enough that you can quit your full-time job.

Work from home

If you are a working mother who doesn’t want to leave her home or you are someone who doesn’t like to go to the office and can’t handle the office pressure then affiliate marketing can be very helpful for you to earn while sitting inside the comfort of your home.


As you become the affiliate you will be a freelancer that you will not work for the same company that has the same boring rules and restrictions that you don’t want to follow. You can work at any time, anywhere, and with anyone. You have the freedom to promote whatever you want and to choose any time to work.

How to become an affiliate merchant

Becoming an affiliate merchant is profitable and easy as long as you have the right product for your targeted audience. Below are some tips to become a successful merchant

Right product

The first and very important part of becoming an affiliate merchant you will have to have a product to sell. You must have an idea about how your product will perform how it will solve people’s problems. You don’t have to create something new to sell, you just need to observe your surroundings and if there is something that you can improve and sell it to people then that will be enough.

You can use tools like BuzzSumo to know what is trending in your niche and according to that, you can work on your product.


To check whether your product will work you will have to ask for people’s opinions. You can ask on social media or any platforms to get an idea about how is your product because you are creating a product for the public so make sure that you know what do people want.


After all your research now have an idea and you are ready to create a product. There are many products like ebooks, guides, podcasts. Creating an online product will not only reduce your budget but also take fewer resources and time to get completed. If you are new then I would recommend creating digital products first.

Finding affiliate partner

You can use tools like Gumroad and Patreon to find an affiliate partner and your product will be ready to get marketed by an affiliate partner in return for some commission. Most of the merchant gives around 50 percent of the commission so it is recommended to go with this trend only.

How to become an affiliate marketer

Find your niche

The most important part of becoming an affiliate marketer is that you need to find a niche that you are passionate about to create content. For example, if you like to create content on fitness and bodybuilding then you should affiliate products in that category.

If you find some niches that have good commission then don’t be greedy because if you don’t know how to attract the audience on that niche then you will not be a successful affiliate marketer, but that doesn’t mean you should not try that niche. First focus on the niche that you can create some content of.

Find good product

After finding your niche, now is the time to find a good product that you like to promote. It is highly recommended that don’t just go for the product that has a high commission but go for the product that has a good image in front of your audience, especially if you are new in this business. For example, if you are promoting hosting services then you can promote companies like Godaddy or any company that your audience is familiar with, instead of promoting any unknown company

Create content

After finding the niche and product that you are passionate about then it is time to create content according to that product. You can create content like Blogs, Social media posts, YouTube videos, etc. As you will create content that you are passionate about it is more likely to attract more audience on that niche and also your conversion rate will be high.

You can start content by writing a review of the product that you are promoting you can also create a video on how to use that product. Make sure that doesn’t make it so obvious that you are promoting that product just gently encourage your audience to purchase the product. If you want to know how to create and market with content then make sure to read our content marketing blog.

Create according to trend

If you are promoting a product and you don’t know what is currently going on the market or what is trending on the internet then it will be very hard for you to engage with your audience. For example, if you are promoting any product on social media and you mention something that is trending then it can be really helpful to engage with your audience.

Run online ads

Time will come when you will realize that your earning is not increasing at that time you will have to invest some of your earnings on social media ads or search engine ads. If you are new in affiliate marketing then I would not recommend this, first see whether your content and product are working or not. If you start earning then invest in the ads.


Whether you are looking for passive income or want to sell your product without risking too much capital then affiliate marketing can be very helpful. If you are looking to earn in 6 figures then affiliate marketing can help you to reach your financial goal.

Make sure to consider all the points that I have mentioned above when you start your affiliate business. Also, if you want to grow your business then we can help you with your marketing goals. Contact us, we have experience and skills that can help your brand to grow.

What Is ASO? The Best Way To Rank App On App Store

what is ASO

What is ASO? And how to rank app on the App Store

More than 5 million apps are available on leading app stores that makes every app publisher hard to make their app visible on top of the app store that is why App Store Optimization or ASO is so important. In today’s topic, we will be going to see what is ASO? What are its benefits? How to apply it for our app visibility? And many more.

Definition of App Store Optimization (ASO)

what is ASO

Source: GoodBarber

App Store Optimization or ASO is the process of optimizing the app to rank higher on the app stores like google play for android and the app store for iOS. The higher your app will rank on the app store the better visibility and higher traffic you will get.

ASO doesn’t just end after ranking your app on the app store you have to make sure that visitors click on your app and also download your app or purchase it.

Why App Store Optimization is important?

The primary reason for App Store Optimization is that you need good visibility on the app store, as I mentioned earlier there are more than 5 million apps on app stores like Google Play and Apple’s App Store, so you will have to make sure that your app will not be lost in the store.

If your app gets good visibility then the chances of visitors clicking on your app and downloading or purchasing your app becomes higher and for all this, you will have to optimize your app.

How do users find an app?

According to a report, more than 65% of users find and download an app through search and mostly through app store search. So it is highly recommended to optimize your app for app stores for more downloads and purchase of your app.

Benefits of App Store Optimization

High visibility on the app store: Now you know that most of the users download the app through the app store and ASO helps your app to rank on the app store and make your app visible in front of people. If your audience doesn’t find your app then they will not download or purchase it. So ASO helps to make sure that your app gets visibility and downloads.

Relevant audience: With the help of ASO your app will be visible in front of the relevant audience. App Store makes sure that your app must be visible to a relevant audience who are actually looking for your app. With the help of ASO, App stores find your most relevant audience.

Organic downloads: With of help of a good strategy of App Store Optimization, the audience will get to know about your app and that will lead to free download of your app. If you optimize your app well then you will not have to pay anything for ads.

Global audience: As most app stores like Google Play and Apple’s App Store have a wide audience throughout the world. If you optimize your app you will have a better chance of delivering your app worldwide.



                                                                                  SEO vs ASO


Source: AppRadar
ASO is also known as App Store SEO, because both the processes have similarities like keywords, links, and descriptions, etc. The main difference between ASO and SEO is the search engines, ASO is for search engines like App Store and Google Play while SEO is for search engines like Google and Yahoo.

App store ranking factors

Factors that help an app to rank on the app store are below:

Keywords: Keywords play an important role in App Store Optimization, if you don’t know what your targeted audiences are searching for on the app store then it will be very hard to understand for the app store to rank your app.

First, you will have to search the most relevant keywords for ASO, so that you can add them to the description, metadata, and title of the app. To find the most relevant keyword you can research your competitor’s keywords and their strategy. You can also keyword research tools like App Radar ASO tools.

App name: Keywords placed in the app name can be very beneficial as this can be the best strategy to rank your app with that keyword. So it is better to find the most relevant keyword with high search volume and low competition.

Also, make sure that your app name with keyword can fit within 30 characters as the Apple app store allows only 30 characters for app title while Google Play allows up to 50 characters. So keep your app name short and your logo clean so that audience gets attracted toward your app.

Keyword metadata: After researching for relevant keywords and after adding them to app name/title, you will have to add your keyword on keyword metadata. On Apple’s App Store you can use up to 100 keywords, so make sure that all the keywords that you enter are most relevant and have high search volume. Also, this feature is only available in Apple’s App Store not on Google Play.

Subtitle: This feature is also available only on Apple’s App Store. You can write up to 30 characters here so make sure that optimize it well for better ranking.

Description: Apple’s App Store doesn’t index your description but Google play index it, also Google has short and full description feature, so it is recommended to write beautiful, easy to understand and optimized content on the description on both the app store because description can encourage users to download your app.

App reviews: Reviews are also very important for any user who visits the app page for the first time. Also, an app with good ratings ranks better than an app with low ratings. So make sure you have designed your app very well if any user is facing any issue, you should have some feature to guide them. Also, encourage users to write reviews from the app.

App screenshots and videos: App screenshots and videos are also very important even though they don’t directly help in ranking your app on the app store but they encourage users to download your app and help to increase the conversion rate. To upload screenshots and videos that explain the features and functionality of your app.

App localization: If you are thinking that all your global users know English then you might be wrong. If you want to take your app globally, then you will have to change the language of keywords, descriptions, and screenshots or videos.

By adding localization you can increase your chances to be visible in front of those audiences who are searching in their native language on app stores.

App performance and optimization tools

There are many tools that can help you in ranking your app on the app store. Tools like Appsflyer, App Radar, SplitsMetric, etc. These tools can be used for A/B testing, App performance, and for optimization.

What to do after optimizing your app.

The first thing that you will do is to analyze your app performance and its visibility. To see how visible your app is you can search your keywords on the app store to see where your app is ranking. You can also check it with tools like App Radar

The second step is optimization because optimizing an app is not one time process, it is an ongoing process you have to see all the numbers, trends and then you optimize accordingly. You can also use many tools like App Radar for better optimizations.

If you want to earn money, you can also start monetizing your app to earn money. You can go with any ad platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. for monetization. Make sure that you have enough audience so that you can start earning from your app.


App Store Optimization (ASO) is the process of optimizing your app so that it can be visible in front of app store visitors hence helping in more app downloads. Apple’s App Store and Google Play are generally most used for mobile app and the optimization factors on both stores are almost the same except for some factors that I have mentioned above.

ASO is the same as SEO, but the difference is their search engine. We apply SEO for search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and etc. while ASO is applied on app store search engines like Google Play and Apple’s App Store.

To rank your app on the app store you have to research relevant keywords (only for App Store), add keywords on the app title, its description, and Meta keywords. You also have to add graphics like photos and videos on the app store to attract users. Also, make sure that you add review forms on the app so that the user can be redirected to the app store to give reviews about your app.

If you need any help on App Store Optimization (ASO) then feel free to contact us, we would be happy to assist you, we are specialized in Web Design, SEO, PPC, ASO, SMM, and many more marketing fields.

What Is Email Marketing? Is Email Marketing Still Working?

what is email marketing

What is Email Marketing? And how to start Email Marketing?

As the world is moving towards technology and technology is improving day by day, people used to use mail for any formal communication and now as the technology has changed the way we used to communicate we now use email for any formal or official work.

We now use email for many official works like we send resumes, official notices, and offers to our prospective customers, etc. Email is not just free but also it is fast and secure.

What is Email Marketing?

what is email marketing

Email marketing is a type of direct marketing where we send personalized emails to our email subscribers – whoever has signed up to our email subscription and has permitted us to send them emails.

Email marketing is a part of digital marketing which helps companies to convert their prospects into their customer by nurturing and educating them to take some specific actions like purchase. It is highly effective marketing as you direct contact with your prospects.

Email marketing is a type of marketing in which we can make our customers and prospects aware of new products, events, and discounts, etc. it can help in our marketing strategies with the help of brand awareness, building customer loyalty, etc. through engaging and stylish emails.

Types of marketing email

Welcome Emails: So you finally got an email subscriber and now you will have to use welcome email to introduce your brand, it is one of the effective forms of marketing email as it has a better chance of opening your emails and clicking on the emails.

It is recommended to not directly start your marketing techniques on welcome emails as this can badly affect your strategy and if your first impression doesn’t impress your prospects then it will be very hard to encourage them to take certain actions in the future. Instead, you can start with greetings and gifts that can be useful for them.

Promotional emails: This is one of the most used types of marketing email and you must be aware of this email as you must have hundreds of emails in your inbox. Most companies send more than one email per day. This is not what I recommend as it can irritate your prospects and they might end up unsubscribing your email.

Promotional emails are great to encourage prospects to take actions like purchases, downloads, etc. It generally contains eye-catchy words and CTAs. It helps to teach prospects about new offers so that they are aware and they never miss any offers.

Newsletters: Newsletters are a great way to market your brand through content like video, photos, podcasts, blogs, etc. Most companies use newsletters on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis to share information like new events.

The main aim of this marketing is to make sure that your customer is regularly in contact with your company through blogs, Social media, and websites, and for that, you will have to make eye-catchy and well-structured templates.

Announcement Emails: The main objective of these emails is to aware your subscribers of your company’s new products, services, or any updates. If you do announcements on emails it will make your audience feel special because they will get the announcement before anyone else also if you announce your products or services on other platforms, it will cost you more as compared to emails where this can be done at very low or no cost at all.

Survey Emails: Survey emails are also a great way to grow your brand, because of this you will get to know how your subscribers are feeling about your brand, what they want your brand to make improvements, what are their feedbacks about your brand’s services or products.

Because of survey emails, brands can improve the quality of their products and services. You can start by listing some questions and sending them within a week of purchase so that your subscribers will know that your brand wants to get improved.

Lead Nurturing Emails: Lead nurturing emails are used to convert the leads into customers. It is quite effective when it comes to email marketing but you will have to invest some time to design attractive lead nurturing emails.

Is email marketing still working?

How to start email marketing


Sources: Finances Online

As we all know email is not something very new but nowadays people are using it a lot. If you don’t trust me, then see the statistics:

  • 80% of marketing experts believe that email marketing increases customer retention (Source: Emarsys 2018)
  • In 2019, there were 3.9 billion users of email (Source: Statista)
  • In 2019, 293 billion emails were sent (Source: Statista)
  • Every $1 spent on email marketing returns about $42 (Source: Litmus)
  • A shopping session study of more than $1 billion shows that email marketing has a conversion rate of 2.3% while the conversion rate of social media marketing was 1%. (Source: Smart Insights)

How to start email marketing campaigns?

As I mentioned above, how effective email marketing is? But it is also very tough to convert the leads as there is very high competition in email marketing. So, to ensure that your email marketing campaign works you will have to follow these steps below:

Email list: To start your email marketing campaigns, you will have to make sure that you have the email lists of your leads and for that, you will have to provide your audience some gifts in exchange for the emails like free eBooks or any free content that can be useful for your audience.

Email marketing platforms: Email marketing platforms are also known as ESP Email Service Providers. It is software that will store your audience’s email list. It also helps to design email marketing templates and also helps your marketing team in executing email marketing campaigns successfully.

Clear marketing goals: Email marketing campaigns help the marketer to reach many marketing milestones like increasing sales and awareness, nurturing leads, and improving customer loyalty, etc.

To make your email marketing campaigns work efficiently you will have to make sure that your marketing goals must align with your email’s template, leads demographics, etc.

Pros and Cons of email marketing

Like any marketing platform, email marketing is also having its pros and cons


Direct marketing 

You can directly communicate with an audience who has subscribed to your emails. So it will be very easy for you to convert them with the help of your email marketing campaigns.


Unlike any other marketing platform, email marketing is permission-based marketing, which means your subscriber has already given you permission to email them. So, it means you will have more chances of converting your subscribers into your customers.


As you don’t have to pay any third-party marketing ads provider, it will be very affordable as compared to other marketing platforms. You just have to pay your Email Service Provider (ESP) so it makes your marketing budget low.

More control

On other digital marketing platforms where you will have to follow all the rules and regulations for advertisements and if you forget to consider any rules then there will be a high chance that your ad account might get blocked and your hard work will be sabotaged.

Email marketing strategies

To run your email marketing campaigns more efficiently you need to make strategies from start to end.

Use a good quality email list

The most important part of your email marketing campaign is the email list. If you have a good quality email list then it will be very easy to convert your subscriber into your customer. To get a good quality email list, provide your targeted audience with some good, relevant, and free content on the relevant platforms. For example, if your targeted audience is from the age group of 18-30 then make sure that you try to get your email list through social media platforms like Instagram.

Check your email list regularly

Another strategy on your email marketing campaign is to check your email list regularly and delete inactive subscribers or emails which are not in use because if you don’t do it then, it can affect your sender’s reputation.

Be regular 

To make sure that your subscribers are not losing interest in your brand, you will have to send your email regularly to keep them engaged with your brand.

Focus on a single objective

When you are working on your email marketing campaigns and designing your email template make sure that you have one objective it can be sales or brand awareness but you can’t do both on a single email, because this can confuse your subscriber.

Check the performance of your campaigns

After successfully sending your emails to your subscriber’s inbox, you have to check how is your campaign is performing. You can use tools that many ESPs provide for better understanding.


Flooded emails

Email marketing can be very tough to attract to your audience, as your audience’s inbox will be flooded with emails and there will be a high chance that your email will not be noticed. You will have to be very creative to ensure that your emails will attract your subscribers.

Email list

To make your email marketing campaigns work, you will need an email list of targeted audiences. So if you don’t email list then it will be tough to campaign through email marketing.

Delivery issues 

Delivering your email into your subscriber’s inbox is not guaranteed as there are many rules for commercial emails, even though your audience has subscribed to your email but it is not necessary that your email will go into their inbox. Many subscribers reported that many emails that they have subscribed went into spam.

Tools for Email marketing

For successful email marketing campaigns, you will need great tools to help you in your email marketing campaigns.


MailchimpMailchimp is the best Email Service Provider (ESP) for small and mid-sized businesses, it is very easy to use and also it’s affordable. Its plan starts from 0, yes you can use it for free with some lacking features but you can upgrade your plan anytime.

Sendinblue: Sendinblue is also a great email software to handle all your email lists and for executing email marketing campaigns.

For deliverability

Email deliverability tools ensure that our ESP doesn’t send any of your emails to spam. These tools help to test any issue on the email before sending it to your subscribers.

MailGenius: This tool searches every text on your email to find any spam triggers. You can use it to ensure that the email that you’ve designed will not go on the spam of the subscribers, also it is free to use.


If you were thinking that email marketing is dead then I hope I have cleared your misconception about email marketing. If you want any help in achieving your marketing goals then Aimsmark will guide you through the process and we are happy to help you. Contact us for marketing services.

Everything About Web Design | How To Design Website

everything about web design

Everything about web design and how to design website

As the word itself says what web design is yes it is the designing of the website. Web design refers to the design of every page of the website. It means designing the overall look and feel of every page of the website. It generally works for user experience aspects rather than web development.

Web designers used to design the website for desktops but as the technology evolved we got devices like mobile phones and tablets and now more than 50% of website visitors are from mobile. So it is very important to make sure that web designer designs responsive design which means web design should change according to the device of the website visitors.

Web designers usually work on the overall appearance of the websites like their fonts, colors, photos, and animations, etc. And they make sure that the website is user-friendly and users can easily navigate through all the topics that they are looking for. They design websites with the help of codings like HTML, CSS, etc. and some use Content Management Systems (CMS) like WordPress, Squarespace, etc. for designing the website.

Why web design is important?

We all know that first impression is what matters the most, but if your website is not looking good then it gives a really bad indication to your audience. Also, a good web design helps to reduce the bounce rate, it helps to engage with your audience for more time and hence helps your website to rank on search engines.

How to design a website?

everything about web design

Designing a website is complex work but if you hire a website designer, then it would be very helpful as the professional web designer will have the experience and skill to design your website in the most user-friendly and perfect way.

If you want to design your website on your own then first you will need a domain and hosting for your website and after that, you can build your website with the help of CMS like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, etc.

As the CMS is not that hard to use you can design your website by seeing a few tutorials on youtube. But I would recommend you to use WordPress it is easy to use and also it is the most used CMS in the world according to a report, around 40% of the website is made through WordPress.

WordPress.org vs WordPress.com

Many people think that wordpress.org and wordpress.com are the same platforms, but the reality is something different. WordPress.org is open-source software that helps to design a website with the help of many plugins and themes and you can design your website the way you like it. But you will have to pay for hosting and domain to own the website.

On the other hand, wordpress.com is a paid software unless you want ads popping up on your website. But wordpress.com will be good if you are a beginner because they even take care of your backups and updates.

How good a website should look?

A good and stylish font will not alone make the website looks good but there are many aspects of website design that you have to consider so that your website looks stunning and easy to navigate and use. Below are some of the points that must consider before designing a website.

Fewer distractions

Try to add elements that are relevant to your business or niche, don’t add anything irrelevant. Don’t use many Call To Actions (CTAs) on one page as it distracts visitors. Avoid adding a different topic that is related to another page.

Visible CTAs

As I mentioned above, that don’t use too many CTAs. CTAs can be a button, image, or text that encourages the visitor to take some specific actions, but some people make mistakes by not making their CTAs visible. So that your visitors shall know that why are they on your website.

Responsive Design

As I mentioned earlier, make sure that your website has a responsive design so that visitors from any device can visit your website without facing any issues on layout and design.

Use theme on every element

Try to use as few font styles as possible, not only font but colors, photo size, etc. because if you are using too many font styles and colors it will not help to engage with your audience and increase the bounce rate. It is recommended to use theme color and font which means designing your website in a way that your company’s logo is looking. If your company’s logo color is blue then try to design your website mostly with blue color.

High-quality content

Use high-quality and relevant content and try not to copy from anywhere as it will not only reduce engagement rates but also if you ever get caught by the search engine, it will be very hard for your website to rank on the website. So make sure that you have high-quality content that engages with your audience. Try to create some content that is eye-catchy.

SEO friendly

After you design your website with good content, font, layout, etc. but if you don’t optimize your website you will not be able to rank your website on search engines. I know it will not help in making your website looks stunning. But it is highly recommended to make your website SEO friendly. For example, don’t use any content which is very big in size as it reduces the overall speed of your website so it is recommended to optimize your image with software like tinypng.

Web design vs Web development

As I mentioned earlier, web design is all about the appearance and visuals of the website, its layout, fonts, etc. In simple words, Web design is all about what visitors see on the website and not about what is beneath a website. Some web designer also knows HTML and CSS.

Web development is all about codes that run the website. It has two categories, front-end, and back-end. Front-end development deals with all the coding that determines how the website will look and back-end development deal with the data and servers. So, it is a front-end developer’s work to code the way web designer designs the replica of the website.

Overall, the web designer designs the replica of the website, and the front-end developer develops the website. It is the work of a web designer to choose which font, color, or layout to choose, and the front-end developer just codes the website so that it looks exactly the same way that designer has designed.

Web vs UI vs UX design

Website Design: As I mentioned above, that web designers are responsible for designing the overall website, with the help of UI and UX they create a website. Some web designers also have coding skills like HTML, CSS, and Javascript.

UI Design: UI stands for user interface and UI designers are responsible for creating an interface for products/services and user and they try to ensure that the interaction between products/services and users run smoothly.

UX Design: UX stands for user experience and UX design requires a good understanding of the customer, their habits, requirements, etc. Overall the main motive of the UX design is to design the website, not just the website but any system that offers a great user experience.

Examples of web design

Bad Examples

Arngren: An example of a website with bad alignments, poor font styles random colors, etc. If we use a grid then it will make this website a little clean and organized. It lacks a good interface and makes it look like a big puzzle and because of this. it increases the bounce rate.

Source: Arngren

The wedding lens: This is a great example of a website with no responsive design. As you can see that it doesn’t show the same content on every device type. As I mentioned above, a responsive design is a must as most web designer designs by computer and if you don’t check how it is looking on the mobile then you will miss lots of traffics because as I mentioned above around 50% of web traffic comes from mobile-only.

Fandango: As I mentioned earlier that be careful with CTAs as they can really impact your website. The main motive of creating a CTA is to encourage visitors to take certain actions, if your website has too many CTAs or unclear CTAs then it will confuse the audience.

Source: HubSpot

As you can see in the photo, that the website has unclear CTAs, aT first glance it looks like there is no CTAs. It is okay to use more than one CTAs if they have the same goal. So it is recommended to not use too many CTA or unclear CTA because it can affect your conversion gaols

Good Examples

Amazon: We all know how big Amazon is and how they have evolved but they have also evolved their websites too. As you can see that they use a very simple and easy-to-use interface so that people do not get confused.

Dropbox: Dropbox has done an excellent job when it comes to website designing. As you can see how good their responsive designs are. For example, if you see on the desktop you will see a signup form but on the smaller devices, you will not see it as it is hidden under a CTA. They have also added a dropdown arrow for the desktop so that it can be easy for the desktop user to scroll for more.

Source: invision


Designing a website is a complex task that’s why even many big companies fail to design their websites in the perfect way. If you want to design your own website then make sure that you read this blog completely without missing any points.

You can start web designing just by watching youtube tutorials, because of many content management systems like WordPress, you can easily design your website.

Many people have designed their website just by watching tutorials, on first it will not come out so good but if you keep practicing you will definitely be able to design your website. But first, make sure that you have domain and hosting for that.

If you want to design your website as soon as possible then it is highly recommended to hire an expert we have skills and experience to design your website. So what are you waiting for, contact us we would be happy to design your website, we also provide services like SEO, PPC, and many services that will help your brand to grow.

What Is Content Marketing? And Its Best Strategy

what is content marketing

What is Content Marketing?

If you ever came across the word content marketing and want to know what content marketing is so, you are reading the right blog. First of all content marketing is not new, people are using it for centuries. Content marketing is all about storytelling and as we know storytelling is not something very new.

According to the content marketing institute, “Content marketing is a strategic marketing approach focused on creating and distributing valuable, relevant, and consistent content to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience — and, ultimately, to drive profitable customer action.” So in simple terms, content marketing is attracting our targeted audience by creating valuable, relevant, and consistent content to reach our marketing goals.

So, instead of going to the targeted audience as we do in traditional marketing to sell our products or services, we use the content for content marketing to attract our customers by giving them what they are looking for. It is one of the best ways to reach our marketing goals.

Great content marketing examples

L’Oreal Paris

Source: L’Oreal

We all know L’Oreal as a makeup company but it also has revolutionized the marketing industry it comes with a new marketing strategy to target its audience and its virtual makeup filters were one of the best marketing started that they came out with.

Because of the pandemic, people were not being able to leave their homes so L’Oreal came with its virtual makeup filters with the help of artificial intelligence so that its customers can try its products like lipsticks with many shades so that they can directly buy without going out of their home. It was one of the great strategies of content marketing.




As we know Michelin is a multinational tire company but they were also one of the companies that uses content marketing successfully at the time where people didn’t have any idea about content marketing. In 1900, Michelin started publishing Michelin Guide for drivers and they were selling it for free.

It was a 400-page guide about every question that drivers usually had in their minds. As the vehicle era started at that time many people had many questions about the vehicles. For example, where to fill the fuel of their cars, how to change the tires, and many more.

As people were confused about where to go for sights and where was the nearest mechanic. So Michelin printed that 400 pages of the book and answered all the questions. Even though there were only 3000 cars at that time but they printed around 35000 books so that they can not only teach current cars owners but also encourage others to buy cars.

The guide became so popular that they added 200 pages extra and after that, they started charging 7 francs in 1922, and now there is no secret that how big the Michelin company is.

Types of Content


Written contents like blogs, landing pages, guides, White papers, eBooks, etc. These can be very useful to attract the audience who are more interested in reading instead of watching or listening.


Video contents like animations, video blogs or vlogs, gifs, or any studio production video. Video is the best way to attract and engage your audience. It works better than any content.


Audio contents like podcasts and webinars are also very helpful to attract your audience who doesn’t have time to watch videos or read your written content.


Infographics are also a great way to engage with your audience because it is to read as compared to written only content also the chances of fully reading the infographic content is 33 times greater than normal written content.

Why use content marketing?

what is content marketing

Because content is and will always be the king when it comes to marketing and there is no marketing without content whether it is audio, video, photo, or any written content you will have to use content marketing to grow your brand.

With the help of content marketing, you will get leads and hence resulting in more sales for your company. Content helps to save your marketing cost as you just have to create content and the audience will be attracted to your product. With the help of content marketing, you will also gain customer loyalty.

According to the latest data, business with blogs are getting more leads than those who doesn’t have any blog. The business that uses content marketing gets 30% more growth than those that don’t use it. So if you want to grow your business you will have to engage with your audience because the older ways like cold calling don’t work that well.

Content Marketing channels


SEO helps website owners to generate free traffic from the search engine like Google. But to optimize your website you will have to optimize your website content very well. Search engines like Google and Bing have already confirmed that they will rank those websites who are having engaging content that means if you want to rank your website you will not be able to rank your website without engaging content.

Even though you bid higher to make your website visible at the top of the search engine but if you don’t have good content you will not rank at the top of the search engine because search engine ads also need good content like engaging title, relevant and engaging landing page to make your website at the top of search engine.

Social Media

When it comes to social media, content is the only thing that works here. If you want to grow your account and engage your audience you need to have content. Whether it is a photo, video, infographic, or any type of content, it must be unique, relevant, and most importantly engaging.

If you want to do social media ads or you want to grow organically without paying, you will need content. It is because your audience will come to social media for fun so make sure that you engage and entertain them with your content. Even though you are paying for social media ads that don’t mean you just share your product with boring information that no one wants to see.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is also one of the best channels to show your content to your audience directly to their inbox without any charges. You just have to make sure that you create an engaging newsletter, updates, or any promotional emails. With the help of content marketing, you can get lots of conversions.


It is also a very good channel to engage with your audience directly through your voice. It is very effective but makes sure that you create good content for that. With the help of apps like Spotify, Apple podcasts you can literally attract lots of relevant audiences.

How to create a content marketing strategy

To create a good content marketing strategy you will have to consider all these points that I am mentioning below:

content marketing startegy

Set your business goals

Setting up your business goals should be the first step to developing a good content marketing strategy. If you know your goals then it will be very easy for you to find what type of content you will use, what will be your targeted audience, how will you reach them with your content, and what benefit will they get from your content. If you set your business goal clear then it will be very easy to move to another step of content marketing strategy.

Know your audience

To successfully execute your content marketing strategy you will need to be very clear about your audience so you can create content.

First, you need to collect demographic data of your audience like their gender, age, income, etc. and for that, you can use social media analytics tools for social media followers, web analytics tool like website visitors, and email analytics tool for email subscribers.

Moreover, you can collect your audience’s feedback through online forms like WPforms for your website, you can ask your social media through comment and dm section directly in social media.

As you will get your audience’s data and feedback you will have knowledge about what your audience wants, what content do they like, which audience likes which content? So according to the data, you can optimize your marketing strategy.

Create and check your content

To create perfect content you should first research all the queries that your targeted audience has. You can use tools like Answer the public to get an idea about what should you create and it is highly recommended to be up to date about every trend that is trending in your niche.

You can check your blog content with the help of the content audit tool of SEMrush and there are many auditing tools for social media that you can use to check your video and graphic content.

Use best platforms for your content

If you have checked your content and its audit then you must have an idea about what content is working but to check what platform is going good you will have to use a tool like BuzzSumo. With the help of this tool, you will get an idea about your marketing platforms and which one is working for your content.

Measure your success

Lastly, if you’ve done all the steps successfully then it’s time to measure your content strategy with the help of analytics tools like google analytics, BuzzSumo, etc. With the help of these tools, you will be aware of every ups and down of your content marketing.


Content marketing is not something new it is a concept of story-telling which is present for centuries. It is one of the best ways to attract your audience and engage with them. It helps the audience by solving their problems and companies by engaging with their audience.

Make sure that your content is unique, engaging, and relevant to your niche. If you master this then you will be able to reach your audience without going to them like in traditional marketing where we go to every customer instead we attract the audience and encourage them for conversions.

If you want to master content marketing make sure that you follow all the topics mentioned above. If you are looking for a digital marketing expert for the online presence of your brand then feel free to contact us, we would be happy to help.

What is ORM? Everything About Online Reputation Management

what is orm

What is ORM or Online Reputation Management

As the technology and internet are at our fingertips, we try to search and see everything that we want to buy online. If we want to buy something we first go to our favorite search engines like google, yahoo, or Bing and then we try to find out everything before we make a purchase. The purchase can be any products or services of any brand whether it is a local brand or international brand.

People first try to know everything about the product and the brand on the internet. First, they will try to find your website to know more about your brand and products or services and after that, they will search online places like forums, blogs, etc. to know others’ opinions about your brands and products or services. People will also try to find every detail about your brand through social media, ratings of your products, and social conversations about your brand.

What is online reputation? And what is Online Reputation Management (ORM)?

what is orm

Source: Neil Patel

Basically, online reputation is a public opinion about your brand, products, or services that people express through online platforms and Online Reputation Management (ORM) is the process of managing and controlling everything that people talk about your brand, products, or services. Online Reputation Management (ORM) also means handling online negative comments or influencing others’ opinions by interacting with them.

Many digital marketers say that ORM is the combination of traditional marketing and public relation in the digital world. ORM’s main goal is to avoid any negative effect on the brand’s reputation.

Benefits of Online Reputation Managements 

It increases brand awareness by engaging with potential customers.

It improves the relationship with the existing customer by communicating with them.

It reduces the cost of advertising by interacting with customers.

It helps to know more about your customer’s needs and helps us to meet their expectations.

It also helps to solve any problems with some unhappy customers.

Online Reputation Monitoring

Online Reputation Monitoring is the process of watching or monitoring online conversations about your brand, products, or services. We can use alerts like google alerts so that we get to know when someone is mentioning our brand, its slogan, its spokesperson, its products, or services. Online reputation monitoring is a part of online reputation management.

Where to monitor our online reputation

online reputation management

Source: Guest Touch

To improve your online reputation you will first have to check how good your brand’s online presence is and for that, you will have to monitor the following:

Search engine

The first and easiest way is to search your brand name on a search engine like Google, Bing, or Yahoo and see if your website is coming on the first page or not. If not, then you will have to work on SEO. If yes, then check what people are mentioning and what are their views on your brand image. If there is any other website that is ranking on your brand keyword then check what they are mentioning about you.

Google My Business

Check your GMB or Google My Business if you don’t know what GMG is then you should know that whenever we search anything on google or google map and if we see any listing on the google map that is Google My Business.

GMB is highly recommended for offline stores, if you have your GMB then check the reviews and analyze all the reviews and overall ratings, you will have an overall idea about how is your brand is working in the market.

Social Media 

Check your brand’s social media handles and see how people are commenting, messaging, and mentioning your brand’s social media accounts. Check the insights and followers if they are increasing then that means your online reputation is improving.


Check reviews of others’ blogs, websites, and social media pages and see what the people are saying about your brand, products, or services. You can also check on a website like trust pilot, glass door for reviews and ratings of your brand. You can also check forums like Quora and Reddit for public opinions.

What to monitor for online reputation

Your brand

The first and most important to monitor for online reputation is your brand or company’s name. Because this will be the most important for anyone who wants to be in the business for the long term and to make sure that your brand is represented well in the online world.

Company’s Products or services

After your company’s image, your products or services should be your priority because these will be the only offerings that your company offers. So make sure that your company’s products or services have a good reputation in the online world.

Company’s Slogan

The company’s slogan and tagline are also important as it is a sweet reminder of what your company is offering to its customer. So make sure that your slogan represents well in the customer’s mind.

Your competitors

Keep an eye on the competitor’s website, social media handles, blogs, or any news that is mentioning your competitor, because knowing your competitor will be as useful as knowing your own company.

How to improve online reputation

Have online presence

In order to improve online reputation, you will have to present in the online world and make sure that you present in all the online platforms where you think your potential customers will see your brand. For example, create Instagram, TikTok, or Snapchat account if your targeted audience is under the 30s but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be present on other platforms. Claim your business on Yahoo, Bing, and Google. Create your LinkedIn and Facebook business page

Setup reputation monitor

Setting up a reputation monitor will alert you to any potential reputation damage before it happens. So it is highly recommended to use monitors like Google alert so that you get an alert if someone is negatively affecting your company’s online reputation.

Public Relations Events

If your online presence is not that good or no one is mentioning you then you should definitely consider online public relations like you can ask any blogger or influencer in your niche to mention your brand and to gain high-quality backlinks so that it will help to rank the website and exposure of your company.

Hire an online reputation management expert

If your customer services are too small to handle customers or they are not being able to manage online reputation then this is the time to hire someone who is an expert in online reputation services and can easily handle online reviews as online reviews are worth more than you can imagine. As too many negative reviews can severely damage your brand image.

Hire a digital marketing expert

Hiring a digital marketing expert will not only save your online reputation but also will help you to grow your online presence. They will help you to rank your website, grow social media organically, pay online campaigns, and many digital marketing services that will help your company grow.

Failures of online reputation management

As you know that how important the online reputation but still there are many companies who ignored this and faced huge loss and in the age of social media and internet any bad news spreads like fire you will have to stop it as soon as possible, otherwise it can destroy your whole brand no matter how big your brand is. So, Below are the names of the company that failed to manage and monitor their online reputation.


 In 2010, Greenpeace initiated a video campaign online that was targeting nestle for involving in harmful environmental practices. And the supporter of Greenpeace was encouraged to change their profile picture into KitKat’s modified killer photo. They also wrote on nestle Facebook page. But Nestle not only neglected their efforts but also warns them to change the profile picture and also tried to delete their comments.

As a result, people became very angry as Nestle was not being able to handle angry customers and were not ready to apologize. When the issue rose Nestle faced a huge loss.


In 2018, when KFC ran out of chicken at around 400 stores in the UK. KFC is known for its delicious chicken but at that, they had no chicken left because of some delivery issue, but they knew the power of online reputation and they quickly used it to apologize to their customer in a very unique way.

As a result, people accepted their apology and also appreciated its way of apologizing. They didn’t only go online but also advertise through newspapers and other offline platforms. They advertised with their empty chicken bucket in which they have written FCK instead of KFC and below they apologize for the unavailability of foods.


In this blog, I mentioned what is reputation management, why it is so important, and how to manage and monitor online reputation. Managing online reputation sometimes become very hard so if you ever feel that my company needs any expert then it is highly recommended to never take this thing lightly as online reputation can severely damage your company

In research, we found that around 9 out of 10 online buyers read at least 3 reviews before buying anything online. So if you are still wondering about having an online presence or improving your online reputation then don’t think twice because an online presence can help your brand to grow.

If you are thinking that my customer service team will not be able to manage or monitor online reputation because of any reason then Aimsmark can help you to reach your online goals.  We are a Digital Marketing agency in Thane and we provide every digital marketing service from SEO to Email Marketing we provide many services not only digital marketing services we also provide traditional marketing services. If you are in need of any marketing services then feel free to contact us we would be happy to help.

What Is PPC?  How Does Search Engine Ads Work

what is ppc

What is PPC?  How does Search Engine Ads Work?

In this blog, I will try to cover all the important aspects with all that you want to know about the astonishing universe of paid hunt promoting, advertisements, biddings, and offers, search engine ranking

So let’s come to the main point

What Is PPC? 

what is ppc


Source: Launch Marketing

Pay-per-click (PPC) is an advertising model that allows promoters to put promotions on the search engine and on the websites that the search engine shows and google takes some money after every click on your ads

The objective of the promotion is to get leads, sales, and views to grow your business fast. Web crawlers are famous host stages as they permit promoters to show advertisements applicable to what clients are looking for.

Search engines like Google Ads and Microsoft Ads charge fees on the model called real-time bidding, it is like automated bidding where the highest bidder can be shown on the lowest page because of the factor called Ads quality that I will cover below. So read it till last.

How Paid Search Works?



Source: RevolutionParts

Each time there is an advertisement spot on a search engine result page or SERP, the search engine does an instant automated auction and many factors involve in this paid search to rank the ads from top to bottom.

Factors like ad quality and bid amount affect the ranking of the ads and due to these factors, search engine decides which ads to show first and which ads to last.

These factors are what keep the wheels of Pay-Per-Click moving. They start when somebody looks for something on SERP. In case there are promoters keen on showing advertisements identified with a client’s hunt inquiry, an auction takes place based on the query of visitors on the search engine. The advertisements that successfully win the auction by bidding, at that point, show up on the SERP.

To take part in these auctions for advertising on SERP, promoters use accounts like Google Ads to set up their advertisements and figure out where and when they might want those advertisements to show up.

In the account of the search engine, there are many areas like campaigns and ad groups. Ad groups are the same that it sounds, it is a group of ads that has similar targets and each campaign is made up of one or more ad groups that have keywords. So that it can be easy to manage and target your audience


 Keywords are the focal point of PPC, which connects ads of advertisers to their targeted customer’s query. A query is the group of words that search engine visitor types in the search engine bar to get the relevant output for their queries and keywords are what advertisers use to focus on these visitors that are on target of advertisers by coordinating with their inquiry questions.

To know more about what your target audience is searching on the search engine result page you will have to use Google’s own keyword planner or any keyword planner that you can use more efficiently for better results.

Many types of keywords can be used to target your audience

Broad Match: Broad match is the kind of keyword that helps you to reach a wider audience so that you can reach more to your goals but it has a downside that it can target irrelevant audiences.

Modified Broad Match: These types of keywords help you to control your ads and use them more efficiently by increasing the relevancy of your audience.

Exact Match: These types of keywords finds an audience for your ads that searches the exact query that your keyword has so that you get the most relevant audience for your website that can be easily converted but on the other hand it loses the opportunity of getting an audience that searches product or services like yours in other words that you haven’t used in your keyword.

Phrase Match: These types of keywords come in between as they are more focused than a broad match but less focused than an exact match. In the phrase match, you will get an audience that searches queries related to your keyword or sometimes additional with your keywords

Negative Keywords: If you want to exclude certain words that you think might get you an irrelevant audience then you can use negative keywords e.g. if you are selling mobile covers but you don’t want your ads to appear on visitors who are looking for mobile phones.


To make your ad visible on the search engine you will have to make ads in your campaigns apart from searching for keywords and you will have to make it eye-catching because the ad is the only thing that your targeted audience will see first not your website or your content inside the website, but only ad.

Ads contain headlines, descriptions, and an URL but you can also feature paid ads called ad extensions it is free and very effective and it is highly recommended to use that feature. Extensions like callout extension, site link extension, and structured snippet are some of the most used extensions.

These extensions are really great to engage your audience by showing you ads only because of their appearance.

Budget and biddings

For making ads you will have to participate in an auction and win the auction and to win the auction you don’t necessarily have to bid high. It is just to know how much you are willing to pay for the ad. You can set your monthly budget on google ads and someday you will be charged higher and someday you will be charged lower but at the end of the month, you will be charged the exact amount that will be set on your monthly budget.

Many people use an automated bidding strategy and in this strategy, Google will try to give the best outcome in the most appropriate way. But that doesn’t mean Google will overspend your money and the most important factor of the paid ads will be ad quality, if you will increase your ad quality you will even rank on top with the lowest bidding also.

Ad rank

As I mentioned much time that bidding is not the only way to make your ad visible on top of the search engine as Google consider factors like:

Bid Amount: That I already explained to you above

Ad quality: It is the most important part of ad rank that decides whether you will rank top or bottom. Ad quality consists of factors like landing page quality, relevancy, historical CTR.

If your landing page is of very low quality e.g. slow speed, bad user experience can make your landing page quality very low.

The keyword that you are adding must be relevant to your ad and landing page if your keyword is not relevant then it can negatively affect your ad rank.

If you have already used ad manager then ad rank will also get impact from your historical ad and its CTR e.g. if your past ads were very good then it can increase your ad rank if it wasn’t then it might affect negatively your ad rank.

Your ad rank might also get impact from the ad format like ad extension, the way you target your audiences like device targeting, and timing and day of your ad.


By choosing relevant keywords we optimize our ad but we can also optimize more our ad with the help of targeting so that we can narrow our reach to get the most relevant audience that can be easily converted.

The targeting option that google ad manager provides are:

Device Targeting: In this option, the advertiser can target their audience by choosing which device they mostly use e.g. if you are targeting some big business then your main priority should be desktops instead of mobile phones. And if you are targeting someone who is looking for mobile cover then your main focus should be Mobile Targeting.

Location Targeting: As the name suggestsin this option advertisers can target their audience by their location e.g. if you have a local store that is located in Mumbai then you can easily target from this option

Day and Time Targeting: In this option, you can choose the day and timing of your ad so on that time and day it will start showing your ad to your audience e.g. if you want to target your audience who is looking for fun and you are providing something that can thrill their weekend, so you can choose to target your audience on weekends

Demographic Targeting: In this option, the ad manager provides you with targeting opportunities for your audience like their marital status, gender, household income, etc. so that you can easily target your audience.

Types of Campaigns

Google gives different campaigns opportunities to its advertisers so that advertisers can choose the best way to interact with their audience.

Search Campaigns: These types of campaigns help advertisers to reach their audience with the help of eye-catching text ads.

Display Campaigns: These types of campaigns help advertisers by showing their ads on different websites with the help of content like photos and texts

Video Campaigns: These types of campaigns help advertisers by showing their video ads on YouTube and across the web.

Smart Ads: If you don’t want to waste your time by selecting an audience and researching keywords then this ad can be very helpful to you.

Local Campaigns: If you have your physical store then it will attract your audience by showing your ads on google map.

So these are some of the campaigns that advertisers mostly use for better results.

Types of goals that you can choose from ad manager

Sales: This will be perfect if you want more sales, online conversions, store sales, etc.

Leads: As the name suggest if you choose this goal then you can get leads from the audience who are interested in your product or services through email sign-ups and contact details submissions.

Website Traffic: If your goal is to get lots of visitors then you choose this goal option in ad manager.

Brand Awareness and Reach: If you want to increase your product or services awareness then you can choose this goal option. If you have launched something new in your business and want others to know then this can be very helpful for your goals.

So above that I mentioned are the goals that you can choose from that can be very helpful for your business.


In this blog, I have mentioned what PPC is, how it works, its features, and its benefits. So if you are still confused that this will be difficult then contact us we would be happy to assist you in reaching your goals.

What Is Integrated Marketing

What is integrated marketing

As the world is evolving and people are trying to find more ways to communicate with each other, as a result, marketing is also evolving and companies are trying to find new ways to communicate with their targeted audience.

As the world is stepping into the digital world, the way we were marketing has changed a lot because of digital marketing. As digital marketing started rising people thought that it would end traditional marketing but that wasn’t the case. Because many people still prefer to enjoy their offline world instead of the digital world.

So if some audience is not interested or doesn’t know how to use digital platforms that don’t mean they can’t be our targeted audience. For that, you will have to target both traditional as well as digital marketing platforms. And here comes integrated marketing.

What is integrated marketing?

What is integrated marketing

Integrated marketing is a type of marketing where a company targets its audience from many marketing mediums without differentiating or changing the message this results in maximizing the visibility in front of the targeted audience.

According to Wikipedia “Integrated Marketing Communication is the use of strategies to optimize the communication of a consistent message of the company’s brands to stakeholders”.

Integrated marketing helps companies to reach their audience with full potential all across the medium whether a customer is watching tv or surfing the internet your product can be visible. Also whether they are using a chatbot or talking to your company telecaller, they will get the same and accurate answer for their queries that help to build trust and brand loyalty.

What is there in Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing consists of all the marketing platforms that digital and traditional marketing have. For example, from using social media for engagement with your targeted audience to using billboards for mass attractions.

For better results professionals always recommend using consistent messages on all the platforms that are used for marketing. For example, if the tagline of the campaign is not the same on all the platforms then it is considered a bad example of integrated marketing.

Main Components of Integrated Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Source: Multi Channel Marchent

Digital Marketing means marketing through online platforms to attract large audiences all over the world.


We all know what a website is, it is a collection of web pages and the webpages that contains all your companies product and service and their details.

Organic Search Engine Marketing

When we develop a website, people will not directly come to your website unless you show the direction and reason to come and for this, you will do organic search engine marketing or SEO where we optimize the website according to search engine rules so that the website will be visible on the search engine, especially on the front page.

If you want fast results from a search engine then paid option will be for you, as SEO takes months to show results. Paid search engine marketing is also known as PPC or pay per click as it takes money as per the click from your targeted audience.

Social Media Marketing

It is also a very good option for marketing and creating awareness of your brand, social media marketing is also have paid and an organic option where organic marketing takes time to be visible in front of a large audience while paid marketing helps to reach a huge audience within a short period.

Content Marketing

If you want to attract a relevant audience organically then this can be a great option in content marketing you can create free and valuable content that helps your audience with their queries.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to promotions and ads that marketers use to target their audience by offline platforms


Television is the most popular platform for marketing as it is one of the households product and also people spend most of their time in front of the television. Television is also installed in many public places like hospitals, airports, and railway stations so that people who are waiting can watch shows

Usually, women and kids watch television most, and therefore companies target women by showing women products ads in between soap operas or serials and companies that have kids-centric product show ads in between cartoon channels.


Radio is also a platform that is still being used by many marketers even though people think that this is old technology but it is still popular. Most people listen to the radio for listening to songs and for news when they drive in a car.

Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are also known as print media advertising. Even though this is the digital world, but still many people use newspapers for daily news and many households buy newspapers.

Unlike newspapers which are printed every day, magazines are printed on a monthly basis. There are many popular magazines like Vogue and men’s health that have many followers. And companies spend thousands to promote themselves.

Outdoor Advertisements

Outdoor advertisements are also a type of marketing where marketers put ads in the form of billboards, displays, and guerilla marketing, etc to attract their audience when they are least expecting of your ads.

Good examples of Integrated Marketing


Source: Smart Insights

In 2014, Coca-Cola started a marketing campaign named “share a coke” and on that, it changed its iconic logo with 250 popular names, and consumers were encouraged to find their names on the bottle and post about it on social media.

The hashtag #shareacoke went viral and got 500,000 photos and got 25 million new followers on Facebook. This was one of the most popular and successful campaigns Coca-Cola ever had.


Apple has reached a milestone that very few companies would ever reach because they focus on every detail that makes their product look beautiful just like their website that looks similar to every ad, social media handle, billboard, and even their store. That is called consistency and that is what is required in integrated marketing.

Old spice

Old Spice dispatched a significant rebranding effort to give its items a more energetic, perky feel and eventually draw in a more youthful crowd. In addition to the fact that Old spiced changed the plan of their bundling, yet they additionally renamed their items and created a new slogan (Smell Like a Man, Man). 

The underlying effort dispatch included one 30-second video campaign, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, that was adored to the point that Old Spice launched many products like that product.

They didn’t just stop with video but also they included it on their website, social media, and other channels too. They didn’t post the whole video, but they do similar tone, topic, and brand, along these lines giving clients a steady brand insight across all media.

Bad example of integrated marketing



Source: Smart Insights

Integrated marketing is not that easy to successfully execute and that is why many big brands even couldn’t successfully execute. Intel is also one of them, as you know their slogans are “experience what’s inside” but you couldn’t have found this on their website.

Source: Smart Insights

Not only their website but their social media was also not showing consistency first their banner’s slogan was not having their official blogs and also their profile and banner’s color was not the same.


If any company wants to attract more audience by marketing then integrated marketing can help them by achieving their goals. It is highly recommended to keep consistency and research your audience for integrated marketing.

It is also recommended by marketing gurus that if you are hiring a marketing team then make sure that their team is working coordinately. If you are looking for that kind of company the Aimsmark can help you. If you are searching for a company that helps you in your marketing goals by integrated marketing then please contact us. We would be happy to help. Contact us for more details.

What Is SEO And Its Types

What is SEO?

What is SEO or Search Engine Optimization?

What is SEO?


Source: Adrian Rosche

Search Engine Optimization also called SEO, is the act of improving traffics through organic or non-paid ways to generate more sales, leads, and many goals with the help of the search engine’s audience. It is clear that the benefit of SEO is huge as you can get thousands of traffic for free and for the very long term, unlike paid marketing where you have to pay to see the results and that result will also be there as long as you pay.

So the main question arrives here is how to do SEO or how to optimize our content or website to get thousands or even millions of traffics for free. To answer this question I will have to mention all the points that will be very effective to optimize your website because there are hundreds of factors that search engines consider before ranking your website. So before going for optimization you will have to see how a search engine works and how they rank every website.

What is a Search Engine? and how does a Search Engine work?

A search engine is like a directory that keeps records but this is a modern directory instead of storing pages it stores webpages and when you search anything on a search engine it searches on every web site’s pages and tries to give the most relevant page first and according to the relevancy of your search it ranks the page so that you don’t have to search on every page of search engine and for this, it uses a program called an algorithm.

What is SEO? How SEO works? Or how to optimize our website for better ranking on the Search Engine?

Basically, SEO works by showing the search engine’s visitor the content that is most relevant to its visitor’s query. This is because all web crawlers have similar goals and that is to show its visitor the best and most appropriate results possible.

The way you will optimize the content is that way only search engine shows your content e.g. if you need more youtube video views then you will have to cater the youtube’s algorithm and if you want to be visible on the first page of google search engine then you will have to optimize the way google’s algorithm works and to be honest no one knows how the algorithm of search engine works but we have some tips that will help you to rank your website.

Ways to optimize your website for Google.

By On-Page SEO

On-page SEO

Source: Alexa Blog

On-page SEO is the act of optimization that we do on our webpage content as google ranks web pages, not websites e.g. if you are in the apparel business and someone searches for sneakers then google will only show its visitor page of sneakers only not your whole apparel line business.

Optimizing your content

As you know the search engine works for its visitors and tries to give the best and most relevant result possible and to rank your webpage you will have to show the algorithm that you have the most relevant content by optimizing your content in many ways.


The first one is to search for the better keywords with low competition and add them in your content and don’t add too many keywords as that will be a big red flag from google, as google doesn’t entertain black hat techniques like keyword stuffing so 2-4% of keyword to content ratio is considered as good.


The next way to optimize your content is to add tags like title tag, alt tag, meta tags, and many more. If you know a little bit of HTML then it will be easy otherwise it is recommended to hire a professional as SEO is something that takes lots of time to see results.

Unique & detailed content

The other way to make your content stand out from the rest is to make sure that your webpage has unique and detailed content. As Google loves to show its visitors the content which is unique and in detail and also content will always be the king when it comes to helping your webpage to rank.

Plagiarism-free content

As I mentioned above that google only entertain who entertains its visitors. So make sure that your content is something worth viewing or reading and also your content must be plagiarism free or you can say that it should not be copied from another website as google is very strict about plagiarism it has an algorithm that can detect if your content is original or copied.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO


Source: Hire SEO Team

Off-Page SEO is the way to optimize your webpage without doing any work on the page or you can say anything that we do to rank our webpage which is not directly related to our webpage. It is like you are promoting your website with the help of other online resources.

Link building

It is the way where we share our website link to other online platforms and websites from where people notice our website and they get redirected to our website and if the search engine’s algorithm sees that people are getting attracted to your webpage then it provides better visibility as the main priority of algorithm is to find best and relevant content which can attract its visitor.

The most important factor for link building is Backlinks. Your website listed on some other website pages will be an added advantage. You can approach these websites for backlinks:- DesignRush, BizSugar, GrowthHackers, etc. You also submit website to different directories Blue Sparkle, etc.

We can do link building from social media, directories, guest posting, forums, etc. it is recommended that the website that you are linking with your website should be of high quality, relevant, high traffic, and high domain authority.

Local SEO

Local SEO or Google My Business is a platform by Google, people also know this by Google map. Local SEO is also a part of On-Page SEO it is the same as what we do in link building but here the visitor can get more exposure about your business from timing to exact location of your offline store it can provide very good details to your audience. If you provide offline services then this can be a very good option for your business.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the act of improving our website’s technical aspects like website speed, structured markup, indexation, etc. so making it easy for the crawler to crawl, understand, and index your website.


Before a search engine ranks your webpages it first needs to know that your webpages exist and for that first thing you can do is submit the sitemap of your website to Google Search Console(GSC) formerly known as Google Webmaster and this is for google and for bing and yahoo you will have to submit to their consoles.

Sitemaps and Robots

Sitemaps are an XML file that helps search engines to understand your website when the crawler crawls it helps to understand your website pages and their priorities and exactly where each page is. You can create your sitemap with any third-party sitemap generator website or plugins.

Robots.txt files help website owners to prevent any unauthorized page to visible on the search engine so that the privacy of the visitors can be maintained.

Website Speed


As people are living very busy lives so they don’t have time to wait for your webpage to load in 10 seconds, people are getting impatient and they don’t want to wait. In the study of 2016, research showed that more than 53% of people leave the webpage if the page is not opening within 3 seconds.

As the search engine is becoming very smart they know that if the page speed is very low then that means the webpage offers a less optimal experience for its user. Therefore they prefer a webpage that loads faster. So, a slow web page also ends up further down in the SERP.

To make your website speed faster you can do many things like using low size photos in your webpage instead of very high-quality photos, you can also use a very low size theme for your website if you are using CMS like WordPress, Wix, etc. You can also make sure that your hosting is of high quality and provide speed to access the data.

Responsive Design

A responsive website design or website which is mobile friendly means the website can adjust itself automatically so that it can be viewed on any device or in any orientation. Google is also very clear that If your website will have responsive design it gives a very good signal to google’s algorithms.

Most web designers or developers develop website laptops or desktops but more than 60% of search engine visitors use mobile to access the data. So it is not very hard to guess why the search engine is giving priority to the responsive design.

Secured Website.

You can use SSL for the security of your website. Security Socket Layer (SSL) is a security technology that helps in creating encryption between server and browser. You can also check if any website is secure or not just by seeing its link if the website is starting with HTTP: instead of HTTPS: which means it is not secured. Directory submission  designerlistings.org’s.

In 2014 Google also announced that they will prioritize secured websites over non-secure ones in the search result. So if you don’t have SSL then it is highly recommended to install an SSL certificate as most of the hosting providers provide SSL certificates by default.


In this blog I have mentioned all the aspects of SEO from the basics of SEO to every detail of SEO and also I have mentioned all the techniques that you can use to rank your website. You don’t have to be an expert to do website optimization but you will definitely have to have the patience to rank your website. As the ranking website is not that easy especially when you have very high competition

And also make sure that you don’t use any black hat techniques to rank your website on the search engine you might get ranking fast but it will not last forever as search engines algorithm is very strict about unethical techniques.

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