What is affiliate marketing? The best way to earn online

Earning money online is now easier than ever, you just need a website, internet, and affiliate links. Many bloggers, vloggers, and social media influencers earn six or even seven-figure income from affiliate marketing.

Don’t get too excited because not everyone who is in affiliate business earns that much, especially newbies who just read 4 hours’ workweek or got inspired by any affiliate social media channels. In this topic, we will be going to see everything about affiliate marketing how it works, its benefits, its downsides, etc. So without wasting any time let’s jump to the main question.

How does affiliate marketing work?

 First, you have to find an affiliate program in which you are interested and read all the details of the program like their payment method, commission, products or services, etc. If you find the program and its products or services interesting then you just have to sign up and wait for the email of your acceptance.

After that, you can log in to their affiliate program and you can choose the product or services that you want to promote and after that, you can copy the link of that product and start creating content for that product or service.

When someone clicks on that link you will get to know as the link comes with cookies that track and if your audience buys you will get a commission from the company.

what is affiliate marketing

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Three groups of affiliate marketing

The Seller or merchant

The seller is also known as the creator of the products, brand, or vendor. This party can be a huge company or a single person who sells online courses. This party can be anyone from a huge company, entrepreneur, or startup who is having products or services to sell.

The affiliate

The affiliate is also known as the publisher of the product or service. The affiliate can be an individual or group of individuals who promotes the product by attracting the customer with the help of engaging content and convincing their audience to buy the product or service.

If the affiliate’s audience buys the products or services of the merchant then the merchant is liable to give the commission on every successful purchase. Most affiliates have their specific niche and audience related to that niche and they choose the product or service according to their niche.

The consumer

The end party of the affiliate marketing, because of them the merchant creates products and services and affiliate promotes the products and services so that the consumer buys from the merchant and the merchant and affiliate both gets profit from their actions. Affiliates attract the consumer and convince them to buy from that promoted links

Things to consider

Most of the channels provide links with cookies that have a certain duration, usually, the cookies expiry duration is around 30 days but every channel has different rules. For example, Amazon provides a cookies life of only 24 hours so anyone who clicks on your links and buys any product within 24 hours will get the commission, yes any product.

If your audience buys the product after the link gets expired then you will not eligible for the commission. Also read all the terms and conditions of the program before signing up for the program so that you will not have to regret it later.

Why affiliate marketing

For sellers


Affiliate marketing is very cost-effective as compared to other marketing platforms. If you are planning to start a new company and have a low budget for marketing then you should consider affiliate marketing, as this is performance-based marketing you can save money without risk.


As affiliate marketing is performance-based marketing which means you have to pay commission on every successful sale. So you don’t have to invest tons of money on advertising without knowing how good it will be going to perform.

No marketing hassle

In affiliate marketing you don’t have to do anything for marketing because that work will be done by the affiliate, you just have to focus on making your products and services that can make your customer delightful.

For affiliates

Few or no starting cost

Unlike any business where you have to invest lots of money to start, affiliate program needs only links and the platforms on which you insert your link. If you know how to engage with people and have platforms like social media, blogs, or email subscribers then you can start earning easily without investing any money.

Good for passive income

If you are working a full-time job, then also you can start this business. Because affiliate marketing doesn’t need that much time as compared to other businesses where you have to invest lots of money and time before your start earning.

I am not saying that it doesn’t require any time, you have to give some time to it especially when you are new in this business. But when you find everything that works for you then it can help you to earn enough that you can quit your full-time job.

Work from home

If you are a working mother who doesn’t want to leave her home or you are someone who doesn’t like to go to the office and can’t handle the office pressure then affiliate marketing can be very helpful for you to earn while sitting inside the comfort of your home.


As you become the affiliate you will be a freelancer that you will not work for the same company that has the same boring rules and restrictions that you don’t want to follow. You can work at any time, anywhere, and with anyone. You have the freedom to promote whatever you want and to choose any time to work.

How to become an affiliate merchant

Becoming an affiliate merchant is profitable and easy as long as you have the right product for your targeted audience. Below are some tips to become a successful merchant

Right product

The first and very important part of becoming an affiliate merchant you will have to have a product to sell. You must have an idea about how your product will perform how it will solve people’s problems. You don’t have to create something new to sell, you just need to observe your surroundings and if there is something that you can improve and sell it to people then that will be enough.

You can use tools like BuzzSumo to know what is trending in your niche and according to that, you can work on your product.


To check whether your product will work you will have to ask for people’s opinions. You can ask on social media or any platforms to get an idea about how is your product because you are creating a product for the public so make sure that you know what do people want.


After all your research now have an idea and you are ready to create a product. There are many products like ebooks, guides, podcasts. Creating an online product will not only reduce your budget but also take fewer resources and time to get completed. If you are new then I would recommend creating digital products first.

Finding affiliate partner

You can use tools like Gumroad and Patreon to find an affiliate partner and your product will be ready to get marketed by an affiliate partner in return for some commission. Most of the merchant gives around 50 percent of the commission so it is recommended to go with this trend only.

How to become an affiliate marketer

Find your niche

The most important part of becoming an affiliate marketer is that you need to find a niche that you are passionate about to create content. For example, if you like to create content on fitness and bodybuilding then you should affiliate products in that category.

If you find some niches that have good commission then don’t be greedy because if you don’t know how to attract the audience on that niche then you will not be a successful affiliate marketer, but that doesn’t mean you should not try that niche. First focus on the niche that you can create some content of.

Find good product

After finding your niche, now is the time to find a good product that you like to promote. It is highly recommended that don’t just go for the product that has a high commission but go for the product that has a good image in front of your audience, especially if you are new in this business. For example, if you are promoting hosting services then you can promote companies like Godaddy or any company that your audience is familiar with, instead of promoting any unknown company

Create content

After finding the niche and product that you are passionate about then it is time to create content according to that product. You can create content like Blogs, Social media posts, YouTube videos, etc. As you will create content that you are passionate about it is more likely to attract more audience on that niche and also your conversion rate will be high.

You can start content by writing a review of the product that you are promoting you can also create a video on how to use that product. Make sure that doesn’t make it so obvious that you are promoting that product just gently encourage your audience to purchase the product. If you want to know how to create and market with content then make sure to read our content marketing blog.

Create according to trend

If you are promoting a product and you don’t know what is currently going on the market or what is trending on the internet then it will be very hard for you to engage with your audience. For example, if you are promoting any product on social media and you mention something that is trending then it can be really helpful to engage with your audience.

Run online ads

Time will come when you will realize that your earning is not increasing at that time you will have to invest some of your earnings on social media ads or search engine ads. If you are new in affiliate marketing then I would not recommend this, first see whether your content and product are working or not. If you start earning then invest in the ads.


Whether you are looking for passive income or want to sell your product without risking too much capital then affiliate marketing can be very helpful. If you are looking to earn in 6 figures then affiliate marketing can help you to reach your financial goal.

Make sure to consider all the points that I have mentioned above when you start your affiliate business. Also, if you want to grow your business then we can help you with your marketing goals. Contact us, we have experience and skills that can help your brand to grow.

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