As the world is evolving and people are trying to find more ways to communicate with each other, as a result, marketing is also evolving and companies are trying to find new ways to communicate with their targeted audience.

As the world is stepping into the digital world, the way we were marketing has changed a lot because of digital marketing. As digital marketing started rising people thought that it would end traditional marketing but that wasn’t the case. Because many people still prefer to enjoy their offline world instead of the digital world.

So if some audience is not interested or doesn’t know how to use digital platforms that don’t mean they can’t be our targeted audience. For that, you will have to target both traditional as well as digital marketing platforms. And here comes integrated marketing.

What is integrated marketing?

What is integrated marketing

Integrated marketing is a type of marketing where a company targets its audience from many marketing mediums without differentiating or changing the message this results in maximizing the visibility in front of the targeted audience.

According to Wikipedia “Integrated Marketing Communication is the use of strategies to optimize the communication of a consistent message of the company’s brands to stakeholders”.

Integrated marketing helps companies to reach their audience with full potential all across the medium whether a customer is watching tv or surfing the internet your product can be visible. Also whether they are using a chatbot or talking to your company telecaller, they will get the same and accurate answer for their queries that help to build trust and brand loyalty.

What is there in Integrated Marketing

Integrated marketing consists of all the marketing platforms that digital and traditional marketing have. For example, from using social media for engagement with your targeted audience to using billboards for mass attractions.

For better results professionals always recommend using consistent messages on all the platforms that are used for marketing. For example, if the tagline of the campaign is not the same on all the platforms then it is considered a bad example of integrated marketing.

Main Components of Integrated Marketing

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing


Source: Multi Channel Marchent

Digital Marketing means marketing through online platforms to attract large audiences all over the world.


We all know what a website is, it is a collection of web pages and the webpages that contains all your companies product and service and their details.

Organic Search Engine Marketing

When we develop a website, people will not directly come to your website unless you show the direction and reason to come and for this, you will do organic search engine marketing or SEO where we optimize the website according to search engine rules so that the website will be visible on the search engine, especially on the front page.

If you want fast results from a search engine then paid option will be for you, as SEO takes months to show results. Paid search engine marketing is also known as PPC or pay per click as it takes money as per the click from your targeted audience.

Social Media Marketing

It is also a very good option for marketing and creating awareness of your brand, social media marketing is also have paid and an organic option where organic marketing takes time to be visible in front of a large audience while paid marketing helps to reach a huge audience within a short period.

Content Marketing

If you want to attract a relevant audience organically then this can be a great option in content marketing you can create free and valuable content that helps your audience with their queries.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional marketing refers to promotions and ads that marketers use to target their audience by offline platforms


Television is the most popular platform for marketing as it is one of the households product and also people spend most of their time in front of the television. Television is also installed in many public places like hospitals, airports, and railway stations so that people who are waiting can watch shows

Usually, women and kids watch television most, and therefore companies target women by showing women products ads in between soap operas or serials and companies that have kids-centric product show ads in between cartoon channels.


Radio is also a platform that is still being used by many marketers even though people think that this is old technology but it is still popular. Most people listen to the radio for listening to songs and for news when they drive in a car.

Newspapers and Magazines

Newspapers and magazines are also known as print media advertising. Even though this is the digital world, but still many people use newspapers for daily news and many households buy newspapers.

Unlike newspapers which are printed every day, magazines are printed on a monthly basis. There are many popular magazines like Vogue and men’s health that have many followers. And companies spend thousands to promote themselves.

Outdoor Advertisements

Outdoor advertisements are also a type of marketing where marketers put ads in the form of billboards, displays, and guerilla marketing, etc to attract their audience when they are least expecting of your ads.

Good examples of Integrated Marketing


Source: Smart Insights

In 2014, Coca-Cola started a marketing campaign named “share a coke” and on that, it changed its iconic logo with 250 popular names, and consumers were encouraged to find their names on the bottle and post about it on social media.

The hashtag #shareacoke went viral and got 500,000 photos and got 25 million new followers on Facebook. This was one of the most popular and successful campaigns Coca-Cola ever had.


Apple has reached a milestone that very few companies would ever reach because they focus on every detail that makes their product look beautiful just like their website that looks similar to every ad, social media handle, billboard, and even their store. That is called consistency and that is what is required in integrated marketing.

Old spice

Old Spice dispatched a significant rebranding effort to give its items a more energetic, perky feel and eventually draw in a more youthful crowd. In addition to the fact that Old spiced changed the plan of their bundling, yet they additionally renamed their items and created a new slogan (Smell Like a Man, Man). 

The underlying effort dispatch included one 30-second video campaign, The Man Your Man Could Smell Like, that was adored to the point that Old Spice launched many products like that product.

They didn’t just stop with video but also they included it on their website, social media, and other channels too. They didn’t post the whole video, but they do similar tone, topic, and brand, along these lines giving clients a steady brand insight across all media.

Bad example of integrated marketing



Source: Smart Insights

Integrated marketing is not that easy to successfully execute and that is why many big brands even couldn’t successfully execute. Intel is also one of them, as you know their slogans are “experience what’s inside” but you couldn’t have found this on their website.

Source: Smart Insights

Not only their website but their social media was also not showing consistency first their banner’s slogan was not having their official blogs and also their profile and banner’s color was not the same.


If any company wants to attract more audience by marketing then integrated marketing can help them by achieving their goals. It is highly recommended to keep consistency and research your audience for integrated marketing.

It is also recommended by marketing gurus that if you are hiring a marketing team then make sure that their team is working coordinately. If you are looking for that kind of company the Aimsmark can help you. If you are searching for a company that helps you in your marketing goals by integrated marketing then please contact us. We would be happy to help. Contact us for more details.

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